Love is a bond between two people. This bond is made strong with trust, care, love, patience and constant nurturing. Your Girlfriend or Your Wife is your other half who completes your soul and provide you peace. Here we have some lovely Girlfriend quotes and sayings to pass on to your Girlfriend or Wife and make her feel special. A Girlfriend is not only your other half but your Best friend too so make them feel special by letting them know how special they are and how you feel about them.


Girlfriend Quotes :

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Every Life In This World

Has Been Painted By God’s Own Hands,

That’s Why I Am Thankful To God,

Because When He Painted My Life,

He Included A Lovely Color That Is You .


A Girl, Can be Your Best Friend, Wife, Worst Enemy, or Worst Nightmare; It all Depends on How You Treat Her.


My Girlfriend is the Type Of girl That Can Be So Hurt But Can Still Look At Me & Smile.

 Boyfriend and Girlfriend Quotes :

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A Real boyfriend and Girlfriend Stand By Each Other’s Side On Good Days And Stand Even Closer On Bad Days,

No Matter What .


Go For someone Who is Not Only Proud and Glad to have You,

But Will Also Take Every Risk and Effort ,

Just To Be With You .


Girl : What is The First Thing You Notice When you Look At Another Girl?

Boy : That She is Not YOU .


“I’m Sorry ” is a Statement ;

“I won’t Do it Again ” is a Promise;

“How Do I Make it Up To You?” is a Responsibility .


When you and your love keeps mum, we all know that you are together and happy as coke and rum.


I feel like bubble when I am with  – full of color and with the ability to fly


I love the way we look together –

as sweet as sugar and as nice as ice

Jealous Girlfriend Quotes :

A jealous Girlfriend is sometimes too tough to handle but here’s a few Jealous Girlfriend Quotes to share :

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If you’re mine, You’re Only mine . .I don’t like sharing .


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I’m looking for a girlfriend. That’s why I brought binoculars.
― Jarod Kintz


While you’re Sitting there Being the Psycho Jealous Girlfriend and Posting Ecards about Ex-Boyfriend’s New Girlfriend, she’s off making love with him. Keep calm and Sleep on that Bit*h.

Best Girlfriend Quotes :

We have collected some of the best Girlfriend quotes for you to read and share ..  Take a look :



Be The Girl His Ex-Girlfriend Will Hate, His Mom Will Love

And That He Will Never Forget .


Think about it . There must be a Higher Love. down in the heart or hidden in the Stars above. without it, life is a Wasted Time. look inside your Heart . I’ll Look inside mine.

To the World You Might be One Person; But to Me You are the World.


Love is like a Lost Object

if You Search too Hard, You Won’t find It

But if You Just Forget about it momentarily ,

it will show up in the Most Unexpected Way.


Other men see angels but I have seen thee and thou art enough.


If you’ve treated your girlfriend without respect, taken advantage of her, or cheated on her, your actions have taught her that she has no value. Needless to say, this is a serious, serious injury. If you don’t try to make it right, she might start to believe the lie you’ve told her and spend the rest of her life thinking she deserves poor treatment.
― Josh Shipp


Being a Girlfriend is not just about being beautiful and attractive for your Guy. It’s not just about letting him chase you, letting him do sweet things every time you’re mad at him and not just receiving flowers and gifts during anniversaries. It’s not about doing those girly things just to get his attention and not just about feeling mighty every time he did everything you want. It’s also being an emotional partner wherein you support him in every opportunity that he takes, yo appreciate everything that he does for you and you thank him for doing it, you remind him on the things he must do and what he must not. just because you know that you can always keep him on his feet does not mean you can manipulate him. you understand him not just as a partner but as an individual too. You help him in every way showing him , that in a relationship, there’s no ‘I’ or ‘You’, there’s only ‘We ‘ and ‘Us’ . you know also that a man has their ego, and even when he becomes a little irritating sometimes, you still understand that it’s part of his nature. A girlfriend is just not a term , it also has responsibilities that every girl must know. You’re a friend, a sister, a second mom, a teacher and a best friend.


Think about it. There must be higher love. Down in the heart or hidden in the stars above. Without it, life is a wasted time. Look inside your heart. I’ll look inside mine.



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Love doesn’t make the world go ’round; love is what makes the ride worthwhile.”
― Shannon L. Alder


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Only You , You’re the only thing I’ll see forever. In my eyes, in my words and in everything I do.


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I need many things to help me live, but I need only you to make life worth living.


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Every morning reminds me of all the wrong dreams I had been chasing all my life until I found the right one –You .


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A guy who truly loves his girl doesn’t need to unbutton her shirt to get a better view of her heart.


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Want to keep your Girl?

Respect Her, Care For Her,

Love Her, Text Her First,

Make Sure She Knows

how you Feel About Her

And Never Lie.


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Every Girl Deserves a Man

That Can Make Her Forget

Her Heart Was Ever Broken.


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People are Going To

Want You, Need You

Exceed you , Take You

Love You, Hate You

Play You, Rate You

Save You and Break You

But That’s What

Makes You .


Ex -Girlfriend Quotes :

Some people walk into our lives and become a part of it but cannot stay forever. Our Ex’s can be a Happy memory or a Stepping stone towards a Better Life. Here’s a few Ex-Girlfriend Quotes and Sayings To keep you uplifted:

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My Ex-Girlfriend’s Status Said Suicidal and Standing on The Edge . So I Poked Her

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When your Ex Says ‘You Will never Find Anyone Like Me ‘ , Reply With ‘That’s the Point ‘


When your Past Calls, Let it Go To Voice Mail.

It has Nothing New To Say .


Never Get Jealous When You See Your Ex With Someone Else.

Remeber, Our Parents Taught Us To Give Our Used Toys To The Less Fortunate.


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Message To my Ex

Roses are Red

violets are Blue

So Glad I Finally Realised

I’m Better Off Without You


Funny Girlfriend quotes :

Sometimes relationships need to become a bit more fun and there’s nothing more Mood-Lifting than a Good laugh. Here’s a few Funny Girlfriend Quotes :

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My girlfriend bought me a collared shirt for my birthday, mainly so I don’t get too far ahead of her when she takes me for a walk.
― Jarod Kintz



My Girlfriend Told Me ,

I Should Be More Affectionate,

So I Got Two Girlfriends.



Save Water; Shower With Your Girlfriend !

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